Ronin (8/10)
Start 21:00 / End 22:00
Ronin is, among the Italian Rock bands, one of the most appreciated and known even abroad, also thanks to its intense live activity in the European soil since the beginning. Head of the project is the multi-instrumentalist Bruno Dorella, also member of other relevant Italian bands like OvO and Bachi Da Pietra, able to take on board always very skilled musicians in his project. Its latest and fifth album “Adagio Live” was released last November, on Santeria Records, receiving the usual acclamation from critic and music lovers. In the small and cozy venue Schokoladen, with a Twin Peaks-style furnished stage, the Ronin show was opened by an instrumental set of about 20 minutes, performed by the band guitarist Cristian Naldi. Alone on stage, he proposed a continuous music flow based on a mix of Ambient, Drone and Psychedelic sounds, that warmed the audience, comfortably seated on the wood banks structure and on floor. Once Ronin came to the stage, the venue was almost full and the audience stood in front of the stage, waiting for the original melting pot of Rock styles, proposed by Ronin. Supported by a great rhythmic session composed by Diego Pasini on bass guitar and Matteo Sideri on drums, both guitarists Bruno and Cristian made the show, letting their guitars “talk” together and creating an instrumental music able to tell stories. Merging together Morricone’s influences, some Mediterranean folk music and Surf Rock, Ronin managed to offer a great show, that in about one hour, made happy all the attendees, who afforded the Berlin winter night to attend the show. We just hope in future to see a more international audience at this kind of gigs: a so inspired music can’t have language limits!

Venue: Schokoladen
Price: 6-8,00€ at the door

Berlin, 12.02.2015

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