Farfara (7/10)
Start 21:05 / End 21:45
Farfara is a Turkish Berlin-based band that debuted in 2010 and is now working on its sophomore album “Garden”, that will be released soon. The trio, composed of guitar, bass and drums, surprised positively the attendees with a well-played mix of Krautrock and Shoegaze. Its proposal was good balanced between vocals and long instrumental parts, and was able to warm-up the venue, receiving enthusiastic applauses. The young band showed to have the right cards to get soon a relevant position in the scene. Listen to Farfara music here:

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Deerhoof (8/10)
Start 22:10 / End 23:15
Deerhoof is a prolific American band, formed in 1994, that belongs to the few bands with the merit of having self-released all its album and self-managed its whole career. Deerhoof celebrated last year its 20th anniversary and released last November its twelfth album “La Isla Bonita” on Polyvinyl Records, an album inspired by the Ramones and recorded in just a week! The band has been called in the venue Lido to present its new work in front of the Berlin audience, that always has loved this original band and celebrated the band comeback with a sold-out show. Once the band came to the stage, it was clear after 2 minutes why Deerhoof is a so loved band. The energy and intensity of it shows can be hardly described: its music, as result of a combination of Punk Rock, Noise Pop and Experimental Rock, made move compulsively all the attendees, everybody captured by the band sounds. The show was opened with “Paradise Girls”, from the latest album, and other new songs were proposed during the concert, acquiring also more power in the live version. The concert was sometimes interrupted by the funny sketches of Greg Saunier, that spoke with the fans in a quite good German, declaring openly its appreciation for the light effects used tonight and other nice anecdotes. Most of the time the focus was on the crazy tiny Satomi Matsuzaki, who never stopped a second, jumping and dancing with her typical gesture, involving the audience in a great party that lasted unfortunately only about one hour. Deerhoof confirmed again to be an amazing live band, composed of great inspired musicians, able to renovate its style, keep its originality and be incredible funny! We’ve just started to count the day to see Deerhoof live again here in Berlin!

Venue: Lido
Price: 15,40€ at
Setlist: Deerhoof

Berlin, 16.02.2015


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