Lyenn (6/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:20
The “aperitif” of the evening, like Lyenn himself presented his set, was offered by Fred “Lyenn” Jacques. Fred is the bass guitarist of the Mark Lanegan Band and, together with the other member Aldo Struyf (Creature With The Atom Brain, Millionaire), has formed the duo “The Faye Dunaways”, a project born at the end of the last year by touring together. Lyenn, alone on stage with his guitar and his gently voice, offered an intimate performance of melancholic Folk Rock, that seemed to be very appreciated by the audience.

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Duke Garwood (7/10)
Start 20:30 / End 21:00
Duke Garwood is an English multi-instrumentalist, best know for his solo works and collaborations with Mark Lanegan. Mark himself expressed his appreciation describing him as “one of his all time favorite artists” and working with him as “one of the best experiences of his recording life”. Duke Garwood is going to release his new album “Heavy Love” in these days. Accompanied by drums on stage, Duke delighted with his electric guitar the audience, proposing a set of melancholy and cloudy Blues Rock. With a whispered and sharp voice, Duke Garwood played the songs, taking out from his guitar peculiar sounds, with closed eyes, almost caressing the instrument with his hand. The audience seemed to appreciate it very much and Duke left the stage after half hour, aware to have acquired more estimators this night.

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Mark Lanegan Band (8/10)
Start 21:30 / End 23:00
Mark Lanegan is one of the artists today that doesn’t need any presentation: his band Screaming Trees, formed in 1984, belongs to the Rock history and his collaborations with Kurt Cobain, Mad Season, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Isoble Campbell are all well-known and appreciated by every music lover. Only about one year ago the Berlin fans could admire the performance of Mark at the suggestive venue Passionkirche, now he’s touring again in Germany, presenting his latest album, “Phantom Radio”, the third in his solo career under “Mark Lanegan Band”. Once Mark and his guitarist came to the stage, the fans accompanied him with an ovation and the band started playing “When Your Number Isn´t Up”, surrounded by just very low red lights that created a dark sensual atmosphere for the whole concert. After some slow pieces, Mark Lanegan, now with  the full band on stage, showed also his Rock face with “Gravediggers Song”, and the successive “Gray Goes Black” and “Hit The City”. Many the pieces taken from his latest album: the new songs fitted perfectly in the show, flowing harmonized together with the old pieces, always featured by the smoky voice of Mark, maybe less gritty than before. Mark and his band performed the show focused on the music, leaving apart any chat or contact with the audience, exception for some thanks, pronounced at the end of the songs. The show ended with an three pieces-encore, where the conclusive “The Killing Season”, from the new “Phantom Radio”, impressed and surprised live for its electronic sheen with darker and atmospheric tone. We´ll see if this was just an experiment or it will be the new direction of Mark´s music. We are not worried at all: Mr Lanegan has never betrayed our expectations in terms of quality!

Venue: Postbahnhof
Price: 29,90€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Mark Lanegan

Berlin, 17.02.2015

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