dead western - west germany - 21022015 - 008_15994669253_m

Dead Western (8/10)
Start 22:10 / End 22:45
Dead Western is Californian Berlin resident Troy Mighty. Everything else is hard to describe. He makes a kind of americana sound that feels (and sounds) as if it is running in the wrong tempo or changes its  pitch all the time…  Troy Mighty has a very unique way of  singing and sports an impressively deep voice. He is  giving a bit of a maniac on stage and I wouldn’t  be sure he isn’t one in real life despite his friendliness between the songs. If you happen to have a chance of seeing Dead Western, go for it. I won’t bet you won’t be disappointed but you will have definitely made an interesting experience. For a starter check maybe check out this video for “all I need is all around”. The West Germany was sparsely  filled in the beginning but since Dead Western was ‘only’ the supporting act (but the only reason I went there) he could at least end his gig with a quite decently filled auditorium.
High quality pics here on Flickr.

Venue: West Germany
Price: 6-8,00€ at the door

Berlin, 21.02.2015

  1. he will play Monarch on March 5th w/ Eric Ayotte .. show starts at 20:00 …

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