Slomind (7/10)
Start 20:30 / End 21:00
Slomind is a German band with a debut album “Solar Plexus”, that received quite positive reviews on the press. The band just confirmed, in the half hour received to open the show, all the positive feedbacks, offering a nice set of Stoner Rock with Metal influences. Even if Slomind has added nothing new to this music style, we have to recognize to the band that it has good songs, with an elaborated songwriting and catchy riffs, able to get a wild head-banging off the ground. Keeping on this way, these guys will have a bright future in front of them.

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Iron Walrus (8/10)
Start 21:15 / End 21:55
We had already the occasion to admire this band live, when it opened the Berlin date of the Crowbar tour last year, and many of the attendees came to the show probably excited to experience Iron Walrus again on stage. The German band has now a new album “The Plague” out and can’t be considered anymore only a promise. All was again confirmed once Iron Walrus came to stage: its Sludge Metal, influenced by Noise Rock and Post-Metal, created a claustrophobic and dense atmosphere, and the voice of Aufi was simply enormous, like it was coming directly from the Ade, able to penetrate inside you till the guts. Iron Walrus maybe doesn’t shy for originality, but the band does its job damned good! Don’t miss its show, if the Walrus come to you!

Crowbar (9/10)
Start 22:20 / End 23:35
Crowbar is today one of the legendary and most influential bands that carries the Sludge Metal flag for about 25 years. Formed officially with the name Crowbar in 1991 in New Orleans, the band has released its latest album “Symmetry In Black” last May and now is touring again in Europe, although Crowbar played live intensively also last year, hitting also Berlin with a memorable show at SO36. Yesterday there was nothing new (in a positive meaning): Crowbar offered a gigantic performance in front of its beloved audience. Kirk is almost fifty years old but he gave everything himself on stage like he were twenty years old. The other members showed again to deserve their roles in this legendary band, and together built a powerful set that took no prisoners at the end. With a quite different setlist than one year ago, Crowbar proposed a couple of songs from almost each album of its career, confirming its trademark based on Sludge Metal, Doom and Stoner. In the end was just brooming sonic devastation: the extremely slow and low-tuned riffs, together with the fast hardcore passages, made half of the venue furiously mosh during the whole concert. There’s nothing to add, Crowbar is just a brand that means quality, full dedication and extreme devastation. Who once have attended a show, knows exactly what to do when Crowbar is in town!

Venue: SO36
Price: 17,60€ at
Setlist: Crowbar

Berlin, 26.02.2015

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