Turbowolf (8/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:40
Turbowolf comes from Bristol, UK and after its debut album in 2011, it has announced the sophomore album “Two Hands” for this spring, out for Spinefarm Records. Once the band came to stage, the frontman Chris Georgiadis promised that it will be a party, no matter if it was only Thursday, and the promise was more than kept. Turbowolf offered a crazy powerful set of Hard Rock, Punk Rock and some Psychedelic influences that made the audience go wild. Inciting and involving the attendees from the very beginning, Turbowolf made dance, mosh and head-banging every person in the venue, that responded with absolute participation. The show was held by Chris who singed and danced like a possessed, moshed among the first lines and finished the concert singing and crowd-surfing. It seemed like Turbowolf were the headliner and everyone could leave the venue direction home after that show, if the next band on stage wouldn’t have been someone called Death From Above 1979.

Death From Above 1979 (8/10)
Start 21:10 / End 22:30
Death From Above 1979 is a high-energy duo from Canada. After the sold out show of last October in Berlin, the band is playing again in front of its Berlin fans during the European tour. After having broken up in 2006, DFA1979 reformed in 2011 and released its sophomore album “The Physical World” last September. The show proposed by the Canadian duo was simply like a fist in the stomach: a powerful and high-energetic mix of Punk Rock, Hard Rock and Dance music, all served at maximum volume. The duo brought the rhythmic session to its extreme: Sebastien Grainger played drums thunderously and sang like his voice was ripped directly from the guts; Jesse F. Keeler offered a furious assault of four-strings riffs and catchy melodies from the synths. The audience moshed, jumped and dance without rest on the energetic waves coming from the stage, full of electricity and sweat. It’s not worth to mention the single songs: from the first “Turn It Out”, to the final “The Physical World” after a three-pieces encore, the result was always a passionate and furious flux of wild energy, that brought to dance everyone in the venue. Death From Above 1979 is the perfect example of how a Rock’N’Roll band should be in 2015!

Venue: Postbahnhof
Price: 22,70€ at Koka36
Setlist: Death From Above 1979

Berlin, 05.03.2015

  1. Teaso says:

    Hey there! I also attended DFA1979’s performance at Postbahnhof… I agree with what you said, I believe we all had an intense moment with Jesse and Sebastien, that’s definitely how we should define rock’n’roll! Let’s hope they will keep on creating such masterpiece!!! 😀

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