Night Demon (7/10)
Start 20:10 / End 20:45
Night Demon is an American band, that has been called to open the Philm date in Berlin. This young trio, with a new album “Cursed Of The Damned” out for SPV, proposed a set of Heavy Metal from the early 80s, that had the merit to don’t sound just like a mere copy of the big bands of the past. Even if originality is not its main feature, Night Demon was able to offer an enjoyable half hour set of catchy riffs and solos, deep bass lines and wild drumming, that was in the end very appreciated by the audience. The energy that flowed from the stage, didn’t let the attendees untouched, that incited continuously this band, forcing it also to play another extra song before leaving the stage.

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Philm (8/10)
Start 21:10 / End 22:50
Perhaps the name Philm says nothing to the mass, but this is currently the project of the drummer Dave Lombardo (former member of Slayer and Grip Inc.). Together with Gerry Nestler, from the band Civil Defiance, and Francisco Tomaselli, from War, Dave has released two albums, the latest one “Fire From The Evening Sun” out just last September. The project Philm, even if still a secret jewel, has received praise for its will to propose something original and hardly categorizable, that draws from their past works, but tries to look ahead fearless. Once the band came to the stage, the trio needed just a couple of seconds to confirm its talent. Philm started playing songs from its two albums, creating a wall of sound based on a well-made innovative and experimental mix of Heavy Metal, Funk and Prog that couldn’t let you stop head-banging and keeping the rhythm with the foot. The result in the end was something of amazing for energy and intensity, thanks to the contribution of all three great musicians, not only to the giant Dave. The audience responded enthusiastically and at the end blocked the way to the band to leave the stage and forced it to play an encore where Philm presented some new instrumental material from the future album and ended with a monstrous cover of Purple Haze of Hendrix, professionally raped by the drumming of Dave. Don’t miss the occasion to experience this project live, you won’t regret your time and money at all. Promised!

Venue: Cassiopeia
Price: 18,70€ at
Setlist: Philm

Berlin, 15.03.2015

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