Loudblast (7/10)
Start 19:30 / End 20:00
Loudblast is one of the most relevant French metal band, surely one of the few that was able to cross the French borders in terms of popolarity. Formed in the 80s, the band had also the honor to tour together with Death and Chuck in the 90s. Today the band is touring to promote its latest album “Burial Ground”, out last year. Its opening set, based on an explosive mix of Death and Thrash Metal with groove and some melodies, managed to conquer the audience attention. With a good alternation of mid-tempo pieces and furious songs that brought to wild head-banging, Loudblast warmed the ears of the attendees in the best possible way and let the people drift into the right evening mood.

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Abysmal Dawn (8/10)
Start 20:15 / End 20:55
Abysmal Dawn is an American Technical Death Metal band, that released its fourth album “Obsolescence” last year on Relapse Record. Once the band appeared on stage, accompanied by an epic fantasy orchestral march, the door of the Apocalypse spread out: a devastating blend of Tech Death Metal, Grindcore, Thrash and Black Metal flooded the venue and took no prisoners. About 40 minutes of extreme brutality, made impressive by the complex and precise drumming of Scott Fuller and by the sharp and savage guitar solos of Charles Elliott. A set with no pauses that forced every attendees to a furious head-banging. Together with the rest of the band, Abysmal Dawn created an evil atmosphere that hypnotized the audience, leaving it without energy at the end, but satisfied to have attend this inhuman ritual.

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Death Dta (9/10)
Start 21:30 / End 23:30
After Chuck’s death in 2001 the band Death ceased its existence and, about one year after in 2012, it was announced that former Death musicians would take part in a benefit tour. This was the birth of this project that started with the tour name “Death To All”, today simply Death Dta: a tribute to Chuck and Death by the people who love them. The current tour is the second European tour, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Symbolic album, with a specifically modified all-stars line-up: Max Phelps (CYNIC) on vocals and guitar, Steve Di Giorgio (TESTAMENT, SADUS) on bass, and two original Symbolic line-up members: Gene Hogan (TESTAMENT) and Bobby Koelble on guitar. Actually the report could simply finish here, if someone has already seen these guy live, there´s nothing to add to their majesty. Besides this legendary line-up, there was the Death’s music to make the evening epic and unforgettable. Opening with “The Philosopher”, the band proposed a set of almost two hours, picking up pieces from the whole discography. Among the members, Steve Di Giorgio in sandals was, we could say, the actual frontman: he incited and involved the audience in the show, leaving the singer Max Phelps a step back in the stage, who nevertheless deserves a special mention, for his difficult role of replacing Chuck. For the last songs of the set, Max left the mic to the Obscura singer Steffen Kummerer, who, thanks to his higher vocals, fitted better for songs like “Zero Tolerance” and “Bite The Pain”. The band at the end came out again to offer an encore where the great “Zombie Ritual” where mixed with “Baptized In Blood”. After “Crystal Mountain” the show ended with “Pull The Plug” in a sort of party, where everybody was smiling enjoyed, happy to have taken part in this tribute to one of the most influential guy of the Metal history.

Venue: K17 Club
Price: 24,00€ at
Setlist: Death Dta

Berlin, 16.03.2015

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