Treedeon (7/10)
Start 21:00 / End 21:30
Treedeon is a band from Berlin, born after the demise of two German bands: the noise Ulme and the punk metal Jingo De Lunch. The band has just released this year its debut album “Lowest Level Reincarnation” and some days ago had the call to open the Berlin date of Eyehategod. The Berlin trio proposed an energetic set of half hour based on Sludge Metal with some Stoner influences, made variegated by a not banal songwriting and by the double duelling vocals of the guitarist Arne and the bassist Yvonne. The audience, already packed in front of the stage, seemed to appreciate the proposal and definitely will keep in mind the name Treedeon for the future!

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Eyehategod (8/10)
Start 21:55 / End 23:30
Eyehategod is a seminal American band of the New Orléans heavy scene, that formed in 1998 and after some difficulties during the years, arrived to release a new self-titled album last year on Housecore Records, after 14 years from the previous work. Its core line-up has remained about the same of the beginning, with the exception of the bass guitarist and the sad death of the drummer Joey LaCaze in 2013, replaced now by Aaron Hill. Once Eyehategod came to the stage, the venue was already well packed and they were forced to find a way through the people to reach the stage. After the first long detuned riff, the fans started moshing and kept it on without any rest till the end of the show. With Mike and Jimmy as frontmen, joking and speaking with the audience, Eyehategod offered a long and violent show for the joy of the attendees. Its primordial mix of Sludge Metal, Hardcore Punk, Doom and Southern Blues has made school for hundreds of bands and the show confirmed that Eyehategod has still the command scepter: alternating up-tempo hardcore pieces with slowed-down bluesy part, Eyehategod created a dense and heavy sounds that made the fans go out of their mind. Eyehategod showed to be still the kings of the swamp, in case if it was ever necessary!

Venue: Cassiopeia
Price: 17,60€ at
Setlist: Eyehategod

Berlin, 13.04.2015

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