Satellites.01.02 (7/10)
Start 20:10 / End 20:55
Satellites.01.02 is the English band that is touring now in Europe together with A Toys Orchestra. The band offered an interesting set of Indie Pop with some Electronic influences: most of the songs started slowly to end up then in crescendo in an intense sound composition. The frontman Johnny Vic introduced often the songs, chatting and joking with the audience, that showed always to appreciate the proposal of the band. Satellistes.01.02, even if it hasn’t a particular original sound, is able to write catchy but not banal songs, that live acquired even more appeal.

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A Toys Orchestra (8/10)
Start 21:10 / End 22:00
A Toys Orchestra is an Italian band, that was formed in 1998 and through the years is getting an increasing visibility and positive feedbacks also outside its country of origin, where since years is one of the most appreciate bands of the Rock scene. The Italian band recorded its new work “Butterfly Effect” last year here in Berlin at Vox-Ton studio with the producer Jeremy Glover, and Berlin again is the first show of its European tour that ATO started yesterday with the English band Satellites.01.02 as support. After some technical issues at the beginning, A Toys Orchestra started its show, where many songs of its latest music effort were presented live. The show had also the producer Jeremy Glover as guest star, playing the bass guitar on stage together with the band for one song. A Toys Orchestra confirmed live all its quality, at the best represented in hits like “Welcome To Babylon”, “Invisible” or “Midnight Revolution”, where the audience reacted enthusiastically. The band showed to have reached its maturity and shouldn’t have any problem to conquer the heart of many fans in Europe during this tour with its precious Alternative Rock, that has nothing to envy to other more famous European bands of this genre.

Venue: Auster Club
Price: 8,80€ at

Berlin, 22.04.2015

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