Marina And The Diamonds (8/10)
Start 21:15 / End 22:25
Judging the number of people standing in line outside the Astra in the RAW area, it was quite clear that Marina And The Diamonds was the highlight show of the Berlin Friday evening. The Welsh artist with Greek roots released her third album “FROOT” last October, gaining a worldwide success and confirming her talent as singer-songwriter in the Pop scene: on her new work she wrote all the songs on her own, just with Dave Kosten as producer, creating the album of her maturity. Without any opening band, Marina appeared on stage accompanied by the euphoric screams of her fans. Dressed in a Harlequin-colored short glittering outfit and with two big cherries on her head – typical of her experimental cartoonish fashion style and recalled also by her fans in the venue – Marina started with the explosive “Bubblegum Bitch”, bringing the audience to jump and dance. The setlist took songs from all her three albums, and her Alternative Pop, where Indie Pop, Electronic and New Wave merge together, had always the same exciting effect on her fans: dancing, smiles and joy. In the central part of the show, Marina seated on piano for songs as “Obsessions” and “Happy”, showing her strengths also in melancholic ballads and her unique mezzo-soprano voice. Then with “FROOT” the venue restarted dancing on her Glam Pop until the end of the concert, where more Electropop songs like “Radioactive” and “How To Be A Heartbreaker” closed the show without any encore. Marina confirmed to don´t be a plastic artist, but to have reached a balance between the pop sweetness and a deep-rooted maturity, that let us hope for a certain bright artistic future. The Berlin fans don’t have to wait too much to embrace again its beloved star: Marina announced to come back again between this November and December. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes with you!

Venue: Astra
Price: 27,50€ at
Setlist: Marina And The Diamonds

Berlin, 08.05.2015


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