Dukes Of Blizzard (6/10)
Start 21:00 – End 21:40
Dukes Of Blizzard is a Berlin band that has been called at the last moment to open the show. The trio grew up on the East part of the German capital, immersed in the BMX and Skate culture, and formed as band at the ORWOhaus social project: only after some months Duke Of Blizzard released its debut album, where Stoner Rock was the main influence. The trio started playing in front of a bounce of people without any shyness, proposing its Stoner Rock featured by a coarse Punk-influenced voice and two guitars able to create fat deep riffs that entertained the audience and warmed its neck!

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Black Cobra (8/10)
Start 21:55 – End 22:55
Thanks to an intensive live activity the American band Black Cobra hit Berlin also this year for the joy of every Sludge Metal fan, even if its last work “Invernal” was released in 2011 on Southern Lord Records. Formed in 2001, Black Cobra is composed of Jason Landrian on guitar and vocals, with a past on the Doom band Cavity, and of the former Acid King bassist Rafael Martinez on drums. After having prepared the set instrumentation on stage, the duo started its powerful show where all the songs were played almost without any break within them for about one hour. On low dark red lights, Jason didn’t spare himself screaming out all his guts, and Rafael played drums like an octopus with multiple tentacles launched at full speed. No space for any sort of melody, the dup sometimes slowed down to emphasize its Sludge Doom, to restart then with incredible fury, touching in some pieces even Grindcore limit. One of the most ferocious and violent Sludge Metal bands in activity today: to miss a Black Cobra show could be an unforgivable mistake!

Venue: Cassiopeia
Price: 15,00€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Black Cobra

Berlin, 12.05.2015

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