The Moth (6/10)
Start 20:20 – End 20:50
The Moth is an interesting Sludge band of the current German scene. Formed in 2012, the trio released its sophomore album “And The Rise” one month ago on This Charming Man Records. The band proposed an half-hour set based on Doom and Sludge with some Thrash accelerations. Although the combo vocals of the bassist Cecile and guitarist Frederik gave a unique touch to their proposal, The Moth seemed to express its best on the numerous instrumental parts, where the three-strings bass guitar of Cecile did the lion’s part. The Moth is a young band with a lot of potential and we’ll wait for a lot of good stuff in future!

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Torche (8/10)
Start 21:15 – End 22:35
Torche is the American band formed in 2004 by Steve Brooks and by the former member Juan Montoya after the disbandment of their project Floor. Thanks God, Brooks reformed in 2010 the band Floor and now he’s bringing forward both projects, spreading in the world his unique concept of Doom Pop: Pop elements incorporated into Sludge-tinged Hard Rock.
With Torche he released some months ago the fourth album “Restarter” on Relapse Records and the Berlin date is part of the related European tour. Once Torche came out on stage, the band showed from its first riffs that the word Pop shouldn’t be misunderstood: its sound is full of power and aggressive, but able to replace the despair of the Sludge with a triumphant and anthemic sound. Even if the vocals were hardly distinguishable from the sound, Torche delighted the audience with its detuned and droning guitars, alternating melodic riffs with furious pieces. The audience seemed to be kidnapped by Torche sound, hand-banging on their spots, bombed by a wide range of emotions from a band able to kick you directly on your teeth while you keep smiling unconsciously.

Venue: Bi Nuu
Price: 16,65€ at Koka36
Setlist: Torche

Berlin, 16.05.2015

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