Bast (8/10)
Start 20:15 – End 20:45
The band Bast formed in 2008 in UK and last year released on Burning World Records its debut album “Spectres”, receiving enthusiastic reviews by the specialized press. Just a couple of low-tuned riffs were enough to call the people that were chilling out outside on the beer garden in front of the venue, and another couple to let them fall in love with Bast! In only unfortunately thirty-minutes set, the English band showed what is able to do at its best: long songs with a great flow, where Doom, Sludge Metal and atmospheric Black Metal merged together in an epic sound. The dual vocals enhanced the result, with the powerful roar of the guitarist Craig Bryant and the black metal screams of the drummer Jon Lee. The audience appreciated the set, head-banging deeply immersed in the sound, even asking for an encore at the end, thankful to have assisted to a great new band!

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Pallbearer (8/10)
Start 21:10 – End 22:30
Pallbearer belongs to the more innovative Doom bands of these years. After the success of its debut album “Sorrow & Extinction”, out in 2012, the American band repeated itself with the sophomore album “Foundations Of Burden”, released last year on Profound Lore Records. Once Pallbearer was out on stage, the band confirmed its quality, offering a heavy atmospheric show, where the classical Doom was developed together with innate lyricism and dynamics. Its live sound resulted even more powerful and thicker than the album, leaving the audience dazed by so much heaviness. Pallbearer used live also several effects pedals to recreate the sonic textures and the reverbs present on the album, enhancing its already massive and radical proposal. Most of the audience seemed to abandon himself to the wall of sound, impressed of bleakness, that filled up the crowded venue. A great performance, even with some small technical difficulties, that didn´t affected the quality and confirmed Pallbearer as one of the top bands of the Doom scene.

Venue: Kantine am Berghain
Price: 16,50€ at Koka36
Setlist: Pallbearer

Berlin, 20.05.2015

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