Pharoah Chromium (7/10)
Start 21:05 – End 21:50
Behind the name “Pharoah Chromium” stand the German-Palestinian musician Ghazi Barakat, who named the project after the band Chrome’s song. Pharoah Chromium has already released his debut album “Electric Cremation” as double Lp and collaborations with his friend and artist Gunter Schickert, the German guitarist that invented the way of guitar playing widely known as “echo guitar”. Ghazi came to the stage alone, with a long black tunic and a golden mask on his face, something between an ancient divinity and a stylized elephant. Playing ethnic and electronics flutes and experimenting at the synthesizer, Pharoah Chromium performed a set without any break, where Free Jazz, Avant-garde, Psychedelia and Industrial merged together in a space ritual. The audience seemed to listen carefully, almost without moving, staring at the bizarre Pharoah Chromium: interesting esoteric project for élite people.

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Liturgy (9/10)
Start 22:05 – End 23:10
Liturgy is an American Black Metal band that tries to go beyond the classical features of this genre: Liturgy has described itself as “Transcendental Black Metal” with the aim to “reject negativity and embraced chaos in pursuit of spiritual ecstasy”. The band released its third album “The Art Work” last March on Thrill Jockey, where the band moved away from Black Metal, taking over in its sound MIDI horns, bagpipes, liturgical chants and Indie Rock-style vocals. On the same way was the sold-out live show at Kantine am Berghain: Liturgy abandoned the screamed vocals of the classical Black Metal, with Hunter Hunt-Hendrix expressing by singing more ecstasy than sufferance or pain. In the end the result was always extreme music and here ther´s no doubt about it: incredible walls of guitars and intense blastbeats for a sophisticated songwriting, that appeared harsher and less cacophonous than the songs on the latest album, even if a very complex network of tones, pulses and textures were part of each proposed song. The band left the stage after a two pieces encore, while the audience were there completely sweated and annihilated by the majesty and the unleashed power of emotion offered live by Liturgy. No other comment is necessary, just try to experience this “Liturgy” if you want really reach the final catharsis!

Venue: Kantine am Berghain
Price: 13,20€ at
Setlist: Liturgy

Berlin, 25.05.2015

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