Lucifer (7/10)
Start 21:00 – End 21:35
Lucifer if a Berlin-based new band, created by the former Cathedral member Gaz Jennings and Johanna Sadonis after the disbanding of her band The Oath in 2014. The band has already signed for Rise Above Records and its debut album “Lucifer I” was released just some days ago. The band on stage proposed a show based mainly on Heavy Blues Rock with classic 70s Proto-Metal influences and an occult flavour in the background. The attention of most of the audience was captured by the vocalist Johanna with her 70s hippie dress and her sensual but powerful voice that matched perfectly with music proposal. Berlin has found another excellent 70s-revival band to put beside the throne still hold by Kadavar. Lucifer is really a good and promising band and won’t let no one cry the early departure of The Oath.

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The Order of Israfel (8/10)
Start 21:55 – End 22:35
The Order of Israfel is a Swedish band that released its debut album “Wisdom” about one year ago on Napalm Records. For those who didn’t know the band, its show was without any doubt an incredible surprise: taking the lesson of Doom where Cathedral left, The Order of Israfel tried to mix together also 70s Hard Rock, 60s Acoustic Rock and Folk, reaching in the end an interesting and intense sound.
The audience seemed to be fully involved in the show, following with the head the slow tempo heavy riffs of the songs. Among the most interesting Doom metal bands of these years where you need to keep an eye on!

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Pentagram (9/10)
Start 23:00 – End 00:20
For everyone who is deep in Doom Metal, Pentagram doesn’t need any introduction, for the rest – we hope few as possible – it’s enough to know that this American band formed in 1971 and it was one of the pioneers and still one of the most influential bands in the Heavy Metal history. Despite of the long difficult career – they needed about 15 years before finally releasing its debut album – and continuous line-up changes that have brought the vocalist Bobby Liebling to be the only one survivor of the original group, Pentagram is still here today in 2015 spreading the word of Doom in the world with its intense live activity. Although Bobby was surrounded by skilled and talented musicians, it was clear from the beginning that Bobby, together with the amazing guitarist Victor Griffin, is the pulsing hearth of Pentagram: skinny, in slim leather pants and with a crazy gaze that let him look like the famous Igor of Mel Brooks, Bobby is still an enviable form. The most artists of his time is already passed away, retired or in a shameful artistic condition – who said Ozzy Osbourne? – but Bobby impressed everybody with his performance, from the initial “Sign Of a The Wolf”, through “Starlady” and “All Your Sins”, till the doomy “Petrified” and final “Relentless”. After a three-songs encore where the first “Last Day Here” was sung along by the audience, Pentagram left the stage confirming that this band is still the King of Doom!

Venue: SO36
Price: 22,50€ at
Setlist: Pentagram

Berlin, 28.05.2015

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