Young and in the Way (7/10)
Start 19:30 – End 20:00
Young and in the Way is the band called to open the Berlin date of the Deathwish Inc. festival, named after the record label of the Converge singer Jacob Bannon. The American band formed in 2009 and last year released its new album “When Life Comes To Death”. Well-lighted by dark red lamps, YaitW offered an intense show of blackened Crust Punk. Its violent sound mixed Black Metal with Hardcore Punk, resulting in a cold, hard and extreme explosive atmosphere. The vocalist Kable Lyall gave an impressive performance, catching the audience attention with his ferocious and aggressive exhibition. The festival couldn’t start in a better way!

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Harm’s Way (7/10)
Start 20:20 – End 20:45
The funny story about Harm’s Way is that the American band formed in 2006 as a fun side project at the beginning, to develope then in a full-time serious band. Its third album “Rust” went out this year and touring now besides Converge is a great chance to expand its fan base. Once on stage Harm’s Way didn’t spare themselves and gave a great performance where the tattooed muscles mountain frontman James Pligge – aka Hammers McPligue – did the lion’s part screaming all his guts and jumping continuously on stage. This amount of powerful Hardcore Punk, that arrived heavy and hurtful like a giant stone, didn’t leave the audience untouched and made the people wildly mosh in front of the stage. True Hardcore Punk for not ordinary people.

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Trap Them (7/10)
Start 21:00 – End 21:40
Trap Them is an American band with a sound that moves from Hardcore Punk to Grindcore. The band released last year on Deathwish its latest work “Blissfuckers”, receiving also positive feedbacks from press and fans. The live performance confirmed the quality of Trap Them with its typical complex and discordant guitar works, and the hyper-fast drumming, with reminding to the Death’N’Roll assault. The audience seemed to be quite involved, moshing almost for the whole show and following accurately the gestures and the mimic of the vocalist Ryan McKenney who didn’t stop a second jumping and contorting himself on stage!

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Converge (9/10)
Start 21:00 – End 23:20
No one can deny the seminal role of Converge in the Hardcore Punk scene. Formed in 1990, the American band started with a violent Hardcore Punk, to evolve then with the album “Jane Doe” in an original music entity where Heavy Metal, Noise Rock and Hardcore Punk are melted together. This style is still the trademark of Converge, as testified by the latest album “All We Love We Leave Behind”, out in 2012. If you have already attended a Converge´s live show, you know what it means. For everybody else – I hope they are and will be always fewer – it´s a sort of ritual where every Converge member put one’s all into playing, creating an incessant energetic flow that comes from the stage to the audience, and then back thanks to all the faithful fans that mosh and crowd-surf without interruptions for the whole show. Converge confirmed again who is the King and we all can´t get ever enough of this!

Venue: SO36
Price: 20,50€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Converge

Berlin, 04.06.2015

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