Anthony Pateras (7/10)
Start 19:30 – End 19:55
Anthony Pateras is an Australian musician, able to compose acoustic and electronic formats works and famous to have collaborated with many modern classical ensembles and avant-garde musicians like Mike Patton. Together they released last year on Ipecac Records their first album “Geocidal” under the name of Tetema. Anthony came out on full daylight, with only a piano waiting for him on the stage and started playing a long suite without any break for almost half hour. Without any sort of electronic, Anthony explored and brought to the extreme the sounds coming out from the piano, offering an interesting piece of avant-garde Cassical – Jazz music, that seemed to be really well receipted by the audience that acclaimed him many times during his performance.

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Faith No More (9/10)
Start 20:50 – End 22:15
The Californian band Faith More belongs simply to the Rock history and since years has reached the cult status for all the Rock music fans. Formed in 1981, the band passed through some line-up changes and disbanded in 1998 at the peak of its success. Only in 2009 Faith No More decided to reform the band for the fans joy, embarking on the famous “The Second Coming Tour”. After some years of waiting, the American legendary band released its sixth album “Sol Invictus” last month and started a worldwide tour that landed in Berlin for the “Citadel Music Festival” in the suggestive location given by an ancient fortress on the Havel river. When Patton &Co appeared on the flowers-decked stage all dressed in white, the already well-warmed fans exploded for the enthusiasm and jumped, crowd-surfed and sang along on the note of the opener “Motherfucker”. Faith No More proposed a tight show with many hard pieces where the fans responded giving everything what they have inside in that torrid Berlin simmer-like evening. The new pieces like “Matador”, “Sol Invictus” and “Superhero” confirmed that the new album, even if received discordant responses, have great pieces that didn’t make a poor figure at all among the old classics. The most important fact is that these “motherfuckers” are back, in a great form and with the pleasure to play live for their fans, that will never deny this incredible band, able to propose a show where Heavy Metal, Funk, Prog-Rock, Jazz, Gospel, Thrash Metal, Pop and Soul live harmoniously together!

Venue: Zitadelle Spandau
Price: 49,00€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Faith No More

Berlin, 06.06.2014


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