Better Person (6/10)
Start 21:00 – End 21:25
Better Person is the moniker of the Berlin-based musician Adam Byczkowski, who is going to release his debut Ep on “Mansions and Millions” record in some months, after having released some songs on the platform Soundcloud. Alone on stage, illuminated only by low red lights, Better Person sang for almost half hours on a preset music base, offering a show where the 80s Pop merged together with atmospheric Dream Pop influences. Maybe not the happiest choice as opener, but surely perfect for every fanatic Morrissey fans.

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Timber Timbre (9/10)
Start 22:00 – End 23:35
Timber Timbre is a Canadian group headed by the musician Taylor Kirk that released its fifth album “Hot Dreams” last April. The band took its curious name after early recordings that they made in a timber-framed cabin set in the wooded outskirts of Ontario, that reflects perfectly the vintage Folk sound expressed by the band. Timber Timbre is now touring in Europe promoting its latest release and the Berliner fans came numerously to Astra to attend the live performance, always acclaimed by everyone who had the chance to experience it. The Berlin date matched fully the expectations offering a show where all the unique music features of the band Timber Timbre were highlighted. Opening with “Grand Canyon”, Taylor & Co. proposed a setlist based mostly on songs of the new record and created a magic intimate atmosphere, playing most of the time on low lights coming from the back, enhancing their sound that merged together Blues, Folk, Country and Noir Rock, all perfumed by vintage Soul influences. The second half of the show, starting from “Hot Dreams” was even delighted by the addition of the saxophone on stage, increasing that high-drama darkness, that Lynchian feeling, that urban sound of this genuine band. The core of the concert was closed by a hits triptyque “Magic Arrow”, “Bad Rituals” and “Woman”, that literally melted the already enthusiastic audience. After two encores, where songs as “Run From Me”, “I Get Low” and “Trouble Comes Knocking”, the show was closed by Taylor alone with his guitar on stage playing “Demon Host” for the joy of every attendee, aware to have taken part in a great event of sexy and dark music able to penetrate deep under your skin.

Venue: Astra
Price: 26,10€ at Koka36
Setlist: Timber Timbre

Berlin, 14.07.2015

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