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Insanity Alert (7/10)
Start 21:00 – End 21:35
Insanity Alert is an Austrian band that formed in 2011 and released last October its self-tilted debut full-length on Empire Records. As opening band, Insanity Alert did everything perfectly: with its aggressive Crossover Thrash Metal put the K17 on fire, gaining the audience attention also thanks to madness of the vocalist Heavy Kevy, who acted like a showman, entertaining the fans with stories and bringing everything on stage like a sort of “T-h-rash” theater. The result was a brilliant performance also from the technical point, confirming the skills of these Austrian guys. Insanity Alert doesn’t pretend to rewrite the rules of Thrash Metal, but to kick your asses and to have fun all together like the best parties. As they said on their crazy Thrash cover of Iron Maiden’s Run To The Hills: “Run to the pit, mosh for your life, thrash harder!”

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Kryptos (7/10)
Start 21:50 – End 22:30
Kryptos formed in 1998 and has the merit to be one of the first Indian Metal bands to have signed with an international label. Its third album “The Coils Of Apollyion” went out on AFM records in 2013, collecting several positive feedbacks. The live performance just confirmed all the good qualities showed on the albums: the band played with passion its mixed of NWOBHM and 80s Thrash Metal, capturing the audience with its catching songwriting, guitar solos and clean vocals. The fans responded enthusiastically to the band proposal, acclaiming it and showing full support to this great Indian band. Another proof that Heavy Metal really doesn’t have any sort of borders!

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Death Angel (8/10)
Start 23:00 – End 24:30
Writing of Death Angel, it’s writing about the history of Thrash Metal. Formed in 1982 in San Francisco by a group of cousins with Filipino descent, Death Angel boomed during the Bay Area Thrash Metal scene of the early 80s, and the band is still active today, even after some line-up changes and hiatus. Its latest album “The Dream Calls For Blood” was released in 2013 on Nuclear Blast records and now Death Angel is touring in Europe to spread and keep always alive the Thrash flame. Once on stage Death Angel assaulted the excited fans with “Left For Dead”, delighting them with complex time changes, breakdowns, precise drumming and bass grooves. The Thrash party went on with “Som Of The Morning” and “Claws In So Deep”, reaching its peak with the last proposed songs where “Thrown to the Wolves” was the conclusive greetings to the fans. Death Angel left the stage without encore on the audience applauses, showing a great form and still the enthusiasm of the first days. A performance enhanced by the guitar solos of the only remained founding member Ron Cavestany and by the energy and passion of the vocalist Mark Osegueda: a must for every Thrash kid. We hope to admire Death Angel soon again in Berlin, rumors say that the new album should be released next April. We start counting the days to the next show!

Here a video with the members introduction made by Mark:

Venue: K17
Price: 19,50€ at
Setlist: Death Angel

Berlin, 24.07.2015

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