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Bloodtruth (7/10)
Start 19:00 – End 19:25
Bloodtruth is a Technical Death Metal band from Italy, that released its debut full-length album “Obedience” last year. The Italian band had the honor to open the evening and it did it at the best way spreading the hell’s doors wide open: Bloodtruth awoke the audience from the heat lethargy with a massive dose of Brutal Technical Metal, introduced by Gregorian chants, revoking the homeland roots. The audience appreciated the proposal, enjoying the powerful growls, the surgical drumming and the accurate riffing offered by Bloodtruth. It would be interesting for the future if the band could manage to integrate more the church chants in the Death Metal song structure. By now perfect brutal opening!

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Truth Corroded (8/10)
Start 19:45 – End 20:10
Formed in 1996 in Australia, Truth Corroded toured intensively worldwide during the years to spread its sound based on a mix of Thrash and Death Metal, called by someone even Extreme Thrash Metal. After its latest release “The Saviours Slain” in 2013, the Australian band is planning to release the new work next year, with the writing debut of the Trent Simpson who joined in 2013. Once on stage, Truth Corroded showed in less than half hour its powerful sound, made by wild Thrash Metal songs played at full speed without any rest or mid-tempo pieces. Thanks to an excellent songwriting, the band managed to involve fully the audience that couldn’t stop head-banging for the whole show. In the end another great show that fitted perfectly in the evening mood. Second band, second strike! Take an eye open on the upcoming album next year.

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Suffocation (9/10)
Start 20:25 – End 21:20
The American Technical Death Metal band Suffocation formed in 1998 and gave since the beginning with its debut a blueprint to Death Metal, rising in few time to prominence of the genre. Father of the subgenre Deathcore with its typical breakdowns, Suffocation released its seventh and latest album “Pinnacle of Bedlam” in 2013 and it´ss working now on the follower, that should be out this year late. We are simply to humble to judge a performance of Suffocation. Who knows the band, knows also that it’s something launched at maximum intensity level, able to touch you deep inside. Each member gave its best for an incredible show: Frank with his outrageously guttural vocals, Terrence and Guy with their fast and complex downtuned guitar riffs, without forgetting the great contribute of the bassist Derek and the new drummer Kevin. The final result was an incredible violent show, that driven the audience crazy, where blistering speed, unparalleled brutality, guitar acrobatics and complex time changes built something hardly forgettable. Long life to His Majesty Suffocation!

Here the complete “Funeral Inception”:

Nile (9/10)
Start 21:50 – End 23:10
Nile is one of the most well-known American bands in the Death Metal scene. Formed in 1993, Nile released just some days ago its new album “What Should Not Be Unearthed” on Nuclear Blast, making the joy of every Brutal Death Metal fan of the planet. The band has build its name during the years thanks to the well-made integration of ancient Middle Eastern features in music and lyrics, in particular way the Ancient Egyptian influences that made Nile’s sound recognizable among thousands. What has brought Nile to the top of the genre it’s the ability to merge and integrate harmoniously these ancient exotic influences into Death Metal song texture. The live show simply confirmed again the impressive metallic fury that Nile can create on stage. The result is hard to describe, the atmosphere and the audience were brought to extreme high peaks of heaviness where moshing, Death Metal, sweat and passion were just one thing. A live experience that twist your soul and won’t be easy forgotten!

Here a part of the new song “In The Name of Amun”:

Venue: K17
Price: 21,50€ at
Setlist: Nile

Berlin, 31.08.2014

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