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Haken (8/10)
Start 20:00 – End 20:45
Formed in 2007, Haken is a modern Prog Rock band that comes from London and is supporting BTBAM in its current European tour. The band has already released three albums, the latest, “The Mountain”, went out in 2013 on InsideOut Music and received several positive feedbacks from the specialized press. With the fans already closed together in front of the stage, the band opened the set with the instrumental “Premonition” and let the vocalist Ross Jennings come on stage to start singing “In Memoriam”, when the audience was already warm and impressed by the high skills of each musician. Without overindulging in technical solos, Haken was able to propose long but catchy songs of Progressive Rock and Art Rock, with strong Metal influences. Since the focus stayed always on the songwriting, the audience could enjoy the dynamic changes and the instrumental parts, without getting bored. Each member had the chance to show his ability during the show, particularly on the instrumental moments, where both guitarists Richard and Charles, the drummer Raymond, the bassist Conner and Diego on keyboard impressed the audience and received continuously ovations. After the funny Prog fairy-tale style “Cockroach King”, Haken closed the show with the 15 minutes-long “Crystallised”, that could be considered easily a sort of Manifesto of the Haken’s sound. The band is already working on the new album material, maybe we won’t wait long before admiring Haken again in Berlin!

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Between The Buried And Me (8/10)
Start 21:20 – End 22:45
Between The Buried And Me is an American band, formed in 2000, that released this summer its latest and seventh work “Coma Ecliptic” on Metal Blade Records. Berlin couldn’t miss in its European promotional tour and the fans came in large numbers to the “new” venue Musik & Frieden (literally Music and Peace), born from the ashes of the old Magnet Club, even if at the moment the only thing that has changed its just the name. The band, that took its long name after the lyrics of the Counting Crows song “Ghost Train”, went through several line-up changes during its career and since some years the band with the current members has shifted the sound focus always more in direction to the Prog Rock, as clearly resulted from its latest album. To show from the beginning what BTBAM is able to do, the band opened with “Selkies: The Endless Obsession” from the old album “Alaska”: even if it was far away from the violent mix of Hardcore Pun and Technical Death Metal of the first years, the song could surely satisfied every single attendee with the well-made mix of Prog Metal, Metalcore and Math Rock. This trademark was even clearer with the new proposed songs as “The Coma Machine”, “Memory Palace” and “Famine Wolf”, where the clean vocals gained the upper hand on the growling and the Prog Rock component always more present. The audience showed to know all the songs very well, particularly the new ones, catchier and more melodic, singing along out loudly. Moshing was the standard during the whole show, especially during the final songs taken from the album “Colors”, “Ants of the Sky” and “White Walls”, the last one offered as encore where all the band members gave their best to leave an unforgettable memory of the evening. Despite the well-known acoustic limits of the venue, Between The Buried And Me built a great show, putting together like in a music puzzle different music styles in a harmonious way. Surely one of the few currently active bands out there able to provide such a show!

Venue: Musik & Frieden
Price: 26,50€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Between The Buried And Me / Haken

Berlin, 29.09.2015

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