Next week concerts: 14 Dec – 20 Dec 2015 #YCmusic

Posted: December 12, 2015 by vals81 in Berlin, Weekly Schedule
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Monday, 14th of December

Sophie Hunger
What: Jazz pop
Where: Huxleys Neue Welt at 8:00 pm
Price: 32,80€ at Koka36

G.B.H. + Bad Brians
What: Hardcore punk
Where: Cassiopeia at 8:30 pm
Price: 13,60€ at Koka36

Tuesday, 15th of December

Nightwish + Arch Enemy + Amorphis
What: Symphonic metal, Melodic death metal
Where: Max-Schmeling-Halle at 6:30 pm
Price: from 42,77€ to 53,12€ at Trinity Music

Benjamin Clementine
What: Art rock, Avant-garde
Where: Berliner Philharmonie at 8:00 pm
Price: 35,25€ at Koka36 / sold out
Belphegor + Vital Remains + Hate + Ethereal
What: Black metal, Death metal
Where: K17 at 6:00 pm
Price: 21,19 at

Wednesday, 16th of December

The Quireboys
What: Hard rock, Glam metal
Where: Frannz Club at 8:00 pm
Price: 23,20€ at Koka36

One Ok Rock
What: Alternative rock
Where: Postbahnhof Club at 8:00 pm
Price: 30,50€ at Koka36 / sold out
Thursday, 17th of December

Heartless Bastards
What: Blues rock, Garage rock
Where: Musik & Frieden at 9:00 pm
Price: 16,60€ at Koka36

Willis Earl Beal + Myles Manley
What: Lo-fi, R&B
Where: Bi Nuu at 9:00 pm
Price: 15,40€ at

Rashad Becker + Eli Keszler + Lumisokea
What: Avant-garde
Where: Kantine am Berghain at 9:00 pm
Price: 11,00€ at

Friday, 18th of December

Kadavar + The Shrine + Horisont + Satan´s Satyrs
What: Hard rock, Stoner rock
Where: Astra at 8:00 pm
Price: 22,50€ at Koka36 / sold out
Carnifex + Within The Ruins + Fallujah + The Last Ten Seconds Of Life
What: Deathcore
Where: Bi Nuu at 8:00 pm
Price: 25,00€ at Koka36

Montreal + Alex Mofa Gang
What: Pop rock
Where: Musik & Frieden at 8:00 pm
Price: 18,80€ at Koka36 / sold out
Slime + Guts
What: Punk rock
Where: SO36 at 8:00 pm
Price: 19,40€ at Koka36

Saturday, 19th of December

Mantar + Implore + Treedeon
What: Doom metal, Hardcore punk
Where: Cassiopeia at 8:00 pm
Price: 15,50€ at Koka36

Susie Asado + Ariel Sharatt & Mat Kom
What: Indie pop
Where: Kantine am Berghain at 9:00 pm
Price: 10,00€ at Koka36

Slime + The Wakes + Guts
What: Punk rock
Where: SO36 at 8:00 pm
Price: 19,40€ at Koka36 / sold out
Sunday, 20th of December

Micatone feat. Lisa Bassenge
What: Nu jazz
Where: Roter Salon at 9:00 pm
Price: 16,00€ at Volksbü

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