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Second Function (6/10)
Start 20:00 – End 20:35
The evening was opened by the Swiss band Second Function: a trio that bases its sound on Alternative Rock, rich of melody but able to spit out its rage too. The band seemed to enjoy the show, trying oft to involve the audience that supported them for all the show. They was able to warm up literally – was still -4C outside – the people come from the show without boring them. The most important but not the easiest task for an opening band!

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Life Of Agony (9/10)
Start 21:05 – End 22:20
Life Of Agony released “River Runs Red” in 1993, one of the albums symbol of new Alternative Metal scene that was coming out in that years. More than 20 years later, with Keith Caputo back in the band and a new album at the doors, Life Of Agony is still able to capture new followers and to delight everybody whose heart is still in the 90s. Even after all these years, Keith, looking always more like an androgynous elf, is always the same animal of stage, and together with the other band members, didn’t spare himself at all, offering an amazing performance that made the fans singing, jumping and mashing for the whole show. Life Of Agony is alive and still a lot to say and to offer: the new album should be released within this year,stay tuned!

Venue: Huxleys Neue Welt
Price: 34,45€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Life Of Agony

Berlin, 22.01.2016

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