Inquisition (7/10)
Start 18:00 – End 18:35
The Colombian US-based band Inquisition had the honor to open this evil night at Astra in front of a bounce of early comers that already stand packed directly at the stage feet. Inquisition with only drums – Incubus – and guitar – Dagon – offered an impressive set of “classic” Black Metal, similar to the early works of Mayhem. A clean, cold and sharp sound, enhanced by the ancestral voice of Dagon that came out literally from his guts, was appreciated by the audience that supported fully involved in the show. Next album out this spring on Season Of Mist: Inquisition won´t stop spreading its evil verb!

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Entombed A.D. (7/10)
Start 18:55 – End 19:40
The Swedish band Entombed A.D. was founded by the former Entombed vocalist Lars-Goran Petrov after it disbanded in 2014. Its sophomore album “Dead Dawn” is going to be released at the end of this month. Without inventing nothing new, the band confirmed on stage to be still one of best expressions of Death’n’Roll on the Metal scene. Like a tank without brakes launched at full speed from the top of a hill, mr. Petrov & Co. gave a performance worth of its reputation, proposing again on stage many old hits of the previous Entombed period, without offering any rest from head-banging. Lars showed to be still in good form, able to entertain the audience with his German and still to enjoy playing on stage! Not always obvious after long careers, but definitely was appreciated by the attendees!

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Abbath (8/10)
Start 20:05 – End 21:15
Abbath proposed for the first time in Berlin his new project after the disbandment of Immortal last March. It’s always fascinating staring at his majesty, even after more than 20 years from the masterworks realized with Immortal that put the basis of Black a Metal at the beginning of the 90s. Abbath, with the classic corpse-painted face and wearing a leather armor, proposed new songs from its debut self-named album, out some weeks ago under Season Of Mist, and, for the joy of every fan of Black Metal, also old hits from the Immortal period. Amazing performance that simply set the venue on fire, specially on “One by One” and “All Shall Fall”. Abbath showed to be professional on stage, even without taking himself too seriously, posing and joking with the fans during the show. Long life to Abbath, long life to Black Metal!

Behemoth (8/10)
Start 21:50 – End 23:00
After a long honorable career and a constant high quality of the released albums during these years, Behemoth has become today the most famous and worldwide appreciated extreme Metal band coming from Poland. The Berlin fans responded numerously at the call and filled the venue almost completely to attend the Blackened Death Metal show. Despite of the duration, no one seemed to be disappointed at the end: malefic scenic graphic, incense, smoke cannons, fire cannons, projections, confetti cannon, again fire. Everything to create the necessary evil atmosphere where Behemoth on stage could express themselves at the best. A great performance made definitely worth to attend the show where the most recent album “The Satanist” was played almost completely. On the wait for new material, we can go to bed with the certainty that Behemoth won’t never let us down!

Venue: Astra
Price: 37,90€ at Koka36
Setlist: Behemoth / Abbath / Entombed A.D. / Inquisition

Berlin, 03.02.2016

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