Lord Dying (8/10)
Start 20:05 – End 20:40
Lord Dying was the opening band that is accompanying Cancer Bats through its European  tour. Founded in 2010 in Portland-US, the American band released its sophomore album “Poisoned Altars” about one year ago on Relapse Record, receiving several positive responses by critics and fans. Lord Dying appeared in Berlin as trio with drums and two guitars, but the band didn’t let down the expectations and impressed everybody with its sweated set of Sludge Metal, Hardcore Punk and Thrash Metal, all together high-speed centrifuged. The live version resulted the most appropriate dimensions to appreciate its sound: thanks to the filthy but still understandable growl of Erik Olson, supported by the solid and accurate drumming of Nickolis Parks, a great show was offered by the two guitars able both to shoot amazing riffs or to dialogue together with riffs and Southern Rock solos. With an excellent songwriting featured by shifted tempos and dynamics, doesn’t matter if played as full-force Hardcore attack or slowed down to Stoner/Doom pace, Lord Dying confirmed to be one the special secrets today in the Relapse´s closet. We hope to enjoy this great young band soon in Berlin with its own headliner tour!

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Cancer Bats (8/10)
Start 21:00 – End 22:10
The Canadian band Cancer Bats, active since 2004, released its latest album “Searching For Zero” about one year ago and now is enjoying its European tour as headliner. The Berlin fans responded well, filling the Cassiopeia up, even in a warm winter Sunday late evening. Everyone who attended the show couldn’t regret it in the end: Cancer Bats, as usually, was a guarantee of quality and blasting energy. Its powerful Hardcore Punk, mixed of Sludge Metal and Southern Rock influences set the fans on fire, that couldn’t stop moshing, jumping and singing along almost every proposed piece. The band didn’t spare itself at all, with the vocalist Liam Cormier doing the lion’s part jumping, sweating and screaming his guts out. It was like a sort of energy escalation till the well-known cover “Sabotage”, where the fans went nuts. Cancer Bats greeted the audience with the conclusive “Satellites”, one of the most “melodic” pieces of the band. It was like a high dose of energy injection to start the week at the best: Cancer Bats every Sunday night the whole life!

Venue: Cassiopeia
Price: 22,40€ at Trinity Tickets
Setlist: Cancer Bats

Berlin, 07.02.2016

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