Jonas Alaska (6/10)
Start 21:00 – End 21:30
Jonas Alaska is the moniker of the Norwegian artist Jonas Aslaksen, who, even if could be unknown to the mass, enjoys widespread appeal and has already won several music awards in his country. This year Jonas has released his third album “Younger”, the first to be written on electric instead of acoustic guitar. As opening set, Jonas was alone on stage, accompanied only by his acoustic guitar and harmonica. In half hour the young singer-songwriter tried to involve the audience with his Folk-Rock sound, strongly influenced by the 60s-70s school and reminding to a blond tall young version of Bob Dylan. Jonas gave his best on stage, keeping smiling and playing his intimate set with apparently good mood, even if the chatting noise in the room was extremely high and annoying. A young interesting artist who deserves a better audience.

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Sivert Høyem (9/10)
Start 21:50 – End 23:30
With his brand new album “Lioness”, released at the end of January, Sivert Høyem came back to Berlin within its completely sold-out German tour, after his short opening show for Katzenjammer last December. As every Berlin show, also this time the venue Heimathafen Neukölln registered a sold-out at the box office, with many people struggling outside to find a last-minute ticket and take part of the show. Sivert and his band, composed by experienced and skilled musicians, didn’t let the fans down, offering an impressive show where Rock and Folk, both tinted by a Noir flavor, could merge harmoniously to reach peak of indescribable intensity. Opening the show with the title track of the new album “Lioness”, Sivert went on rocking the venue with “Black&Gold” and “Empty House”. The lights and the energy went down, but not the intensity, when Sivert proposed “What´s On Your Mind?”, the first of several Madrugada songs and other slow pieces, till “Prisoner Of The Road”, performed alone on stage with guitar and his incredible voice. The set was closed with an touching version of the old hit “Majesty” and “Sleepwalking Man”. Before closing definitely the show, Sivert greeted his audience with an encore where “Electric”, “Lost At Sea”, “The Kids Are On High Street” and the conclusive “Moon Landing”. An amazing show offered by a great musician, able to still keep the charm of a secret jewel. A great musician with a low timber voice hardly forgettable, able to impress also in his live dimension. Sivert has in Berlin his die-hard fans: every show is a sold-party! Guaranteed.

Venue: Heimathafen Neukölln
Price: 28,15€ at Trinity Tickets
Setlist: Sivert Høyem

Berlin, 11.03.2016

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