Kalmen (7/10)
Start 21:05 – End 21:55
Kalmen is a East-German Metal band that was called to open the Berlin date of the European tour of Oranssi Pazuzu. The band is not a rookie at all in the Metal scene and released last summer on Ván Records its latest full-length “Course Hex”.
Once on stage, Kalmen warmed the audience, that in the meantime was filling the room, with an interesting extreme sound able to merge Black Metal, Doom influences and some Post-Metal passages in the style of the latest Neurosis. In a quite long set for an opening band, Kalmen proposed long songs often featured by mid-tempo incipit, repeating a riff like a mantra, to blast then at the end, creating a suffocating atmosphere. The audience seemed to have appreciated the band, keeping head-banging during the set and showing to Kalmen to have won new fans here in Berlin.

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Oranssi Pazuzu (8/10)
Start 22:20 – End 23:40
Oranssi Pazuzu is a Finnish Metal band that since the release of its fourth and latest album “Värähtelijä” – traslated in “The Oscillator” – is gaining always more consideration also outside the died-hard Black Metal fanatics. Formed in 2007, Oranssi Pazuzu has taken its name after the Babylonian demon Orange Pazuzu, present also in the movie “The Exorcist”. Without any doubt the Finnish quintet stands out today among the others for its originality and difficulty to be classified in a specific genre. The live dimension enhanced indeed the band characteristics, bringing its fusion of Black Metal, Space and Psychedelic / Prog Metal to the next level. Featuring an 60s-organ, a synthesizer, twisted guitar solos, catchy main riffs and screamed vocals as there were no tomorrow, Oranssi Pazuzu confirmed in front of the Berlin fans that they simply deserve all the good words spent till now!

Venue: Musik & Frieden
Price: 13,80€ at Koka36

Berlin, 23.03.2016

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