POEM (7/10)
Start 20:00 – End 20:30
The Greek band POEM was presented as support of the evening. Formed in 2006 and with different music awards received in its land, the band showed to deserve the chance to share the stage with big names like Amorphis. POEM proposed a set highlighted by its sound mix of Alternative and Prog Rock, which, even if not really innovative, was featured by an interesting songwriting, a great work made by the rhythmic session and the clean and powerful voice of the frontman George Prokopiou. The band tried often to involve the audience, that in turn responded enthusiastically to the show. Give a chance to POEM and listen to its sophomore album “Skein Syndrome”: the pleasure is assured, if you love this kind of sonorities.

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Textures (8/10)
Start 20:50 – End 21:40
Textures is today one of the most interesting bands in the current Prog/Death Metal scene. Formed in 2001 in Netherlands, the band has been touring last months intensively in Europe to spread its complex but catchy sound, that tries to combine Technical Death Metal, Metalcore and Prog Metal. The band name itself – Textures – tries to underline this sound characteristic, indicating the use of many sound layers, different styles, music tastes and members personalities. Just this year Textures released on Nuclear Blast the first part “Phenotype” of its two-part conceptual work, that will see the light next year under the name “Genotype”. Once on stage, Textures confirmed live all the good things spent by the music press and the high quality on the albums: even if the influence of band like Meshuggah is impossible to hide, the band tried to enhance the proposal adding also melodic interludes and various electronic atmospheric passages. The set resulted quite various thanks to the alternation of different music styles and to the performance of the whole band, composed of high skilled musicians and a frontman like the vocalist Daniël de Jongh, who was able to interact with the fans and to create a party atmosphere. Textures proofed to have reached its maturity and a define identity: we’ll hear its name again for a long time!

Amorphis (9/10)
Start 22:15 – End 23:40
Amorphis is, among the Finnish Metal bands, one of the most various in terms of style proposal and evolution: formed in 1990, basically as Death Metal act, Amorphis released last September on Nuclear Blast Records its twelfth full-length album “Under The Red Cloud”, continuing with its sound trademark made of Heavy Metal, traditional Folk and Prog Metal, appreciated not only by Metal fans. Acclaimed intensively by the Berlin audience, Amorphis started the show with the title-track of the new album, proceeding with new songs like “Sacrifice” and “Bad Blood”, to go then into the set core where the Finnish band made the fans shout out loud presenting “old stuff by old guys”- as Tomi Joutsen said – with “The Wanderer” and “On Rich And Poor”. The performance was then closed with anthems like “House of Sleep” and “Hopeless Days”, sang along both by the enthusiastic fans. Amorphis came again out for an encore, where the new “Death of a King” and the old beloved pieces “Silver Bride” and “The Smoke” were offered to the Berlin audience. After all these years Amorphis didn´t show any sing of aging, confirming again its skill as musicians and, above all, showing still today the pleasure to play live in front of its fans. Sounds obvious, but it´s not at all!

Venue: Postbahnhof
Price: 33,05€ at Trinity Tickets
Setlist: Amorphis / Textures

Berlin, 13.04.2016

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