Black Mountain (8/10)
Start 21:10 – End 22:55
It’s been some years now since Black Mountain played last time in Berlin, and, counting also the release of its fourth album “IV” at the beginning of this month, a sold-out show sin ce weeks in Berlin could be the only expected answer from the Berlin fans. Since the planned opener, the Berlin-based Punk Rock band Dysnea Boys didn’t make it out due to a flight delay in Amsterdam, the show was introduced by the Black Mountain bassist Matt Camirand, dressed in a very Indie-Rock outfit, who warmed up the audience alone on the stage with his guitar, offering an intimate half-hour set of Rock Folk, which seemed to be quite well appreciated by the attendees.
Once Black Mountain was completed on stage, the Canadian band started the concert with the opening track of the new album “Mothers Of The Sun”, showing from the beginning its ability to merge Blues, Psychedelic and Hard Rock together. The set was composed by an interesting choose of songs, alternating pieces with Stoner influences to other where the Progressive component was more accentuated. The peak was reached without doubts in songs like “Space To Bakersfield” and in the two songs encore, where Stephen McBean hypnotized the audience with long and expressive guitar solos. At the end Black Mountains left the stage greeting and showing gratitude to the Berlin fans, which acclaimed without rest the band, one of the few today able to review and interpret the sound elements of the 60s and 70s with a modern approach.

Venue: Lido
Price: 18,80€ at Koka36
Setlist: Black Mountain

Berlin, 16.04.2016

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