Implore (7/10)
Start 20:05 – End 20:35
Implore is a German band formed in 2013 by three guys with the shared love of Extreme sounds. Already out this year with a split with the American ACxDC, the band has already planned to release this September a new Ep “Thanatos”, showing a prolific activity which we could just but appreciate. Once on stage the trio proposed its show focused on a nihilistic sound, where the Grindcore component prevailed during the set, only with the exception of some mid-tempos where the Black/Death Metal gave thickness to the sound and devastated the early comers in the room. In half-hour Implore managed simply to open the doors of hell, preparing the coming of Black Breath.

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Black Breath (8/10)
Start 21:05 – End 22:00
Started in 2015, Black Breath hasn’t stopped for a second spreading its verb based on blind power violence. With a new album “Slaves Beyond Death”, out last year, the American band is touring now through Europe for the joy of each Extreme Metal fan. Despite of a nice Berlin summer evening, with pleasant temperature and gently sunset light, the Berliner didn’t miss the chance to come in big numbers and sweat together in the basement of Cassiopeia. Black Breath did all they could to pay back this love showed by the fans: with a tight set, impregnated of its trademark sound, made of metal-infused Hardcore Punk, gloomy Black Metal and merciless Death Metal riffs, Black Breath smashed the ears and hit deeply the souls of anyone present at the show. In about one hour Black Breath spit all they have inside out with a punk attitude, filling the venue with tons of energy which let the fans jump, mosh and head-banging without rest. All what you would expect from the best Rot ‘n’ Roll style party you could ever attend!

Venue: Cassiopeia
Price: 16,60€ at Koka36

Berlin, 29.06.2016

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