Hammercult (7/10)
Start 20:05 – End 20:35
As opening for this Thrash Metal night the Berlin-based band Hammercult has been chosen, one of the most influential Extreme Metal bands of the current Israeli scene before the last line-up changes that brought tha band to be resident in Berlin. Strong of the success of its latest full-album “Built for War”, the Thrash Metal of Hammercult arrived like a fist on the teeth of the early-comers at Lido. Alternating pieces with fierce attacks and other with more melodic musical approaches, the band captured easily the audience attention and warmed at the best the atmosphere in the venue, thanks particularly to Yakir Shochat who made his best to animate the show, even offering a nice cover of “Ace Of Spades”! Don´t miss Hammercult next Friday at the Hellfire Fest at SO36. They will be there waiting for you to head-banging till death!

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Unearth (8/10)
Start 21:00 – End 21:45
Formed in 1998 in Boston, Unearth is one of the best examples of how is possible to merge different styles like Hardcore Punk and Thrash Metal, and obtain excellent results, able to attract fans from both sides. Keeping everybody hanging about the new album (the latest one “Watchers of Rule” was released in 2014), Unearth is now enjoying its European summer tour, making this waiting less painful for the fans. Unearth shows during its set the high level of quality this band has reached after its long career, providing to the audience a hard-hitting and gloriously metallic performance where the tasty guitar work matched perfectly with the screamed vocals of Trevor Phipps. Even if the audience appeared quite shy at the beginning, Trevor incited continuously the fans to get them closer and to take part actively at the show. Flood of energy came from the band to reanimate the fans, which then sweated together with Unearth, almost becoming in the end one single thing. Simply what everybody would expect of a Metalcore gig!

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Voivod (9/10)
Start 22:15 – End 23:30
Voivod is simply one of that bands which belongs to the Metal history: formed far back in the past in 1982, the Canadian band has been always very appreciated by fans coming from different Metal styles, thanks to its unique sound, where Thrash Metal, early Punk Rock and 70s Prog Rock have been mixed wisely together to forge the distinctive music brand. Even after the tragic loss of the guitarist “Piggy” d’Amour in 2005 and the second departed of the bassist “Blacky” Thériault, Voivod hasn´t stopped releasing albums and Eps, like the latest “Post Society” out last February, keeping always high the quality of its releases and avoiding superficial or filler works during its career. This is the point that makes always worth attending a live show of this band composed of professional and inspired musicians. The Berlin performance has matched perfectly the expectations, showing a dynamic band, still with the aim to be different from anyone else with its odd musical tempos and progressive strangeness. The proposed songs coming from its long career carried as common factor the difficult and experimental sound, able to appear extreme and gnarly to the listeners, but also intense, inspired and relentlessly creative. The whole show was featured by so many riffs, time changes, harmonic inversions, and sheer dynamic weirdness, that the audience remained at the end of the gig completely stunned, having faced directly so much sophisticated but harmonic content. The band showed a great form, especially “Snake” Bélanger, who didn´t stop a second to involve the audience in the show, making it in the end becoming a party among old good friends. The conclusive Pink Floyd´s cover “Astronomy Domine” made the rest. Something that we can´t get enough and we can´t do without the almighty Voivod!

Venue: Lido
Price: 20,00€ at Koka36
Setlist: Voivod

Berlin, 11.08.2016

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