Ghost Bath (7/10)
Start 19:30 – End 20:00
With its latest album “Moonlover”, out last year on Nuclear Blast, Ghost Bath has captured the attention of music critics and audience, and showed to have deserved the participation to this European tour with these Extreme Metal legends. The American band, initially popular for claiming to be from China (due to a misunderstanding then used as marketing by the band itself) has impressed the early comers in Lido with its mix of Black Metal and Shoegaze, reminding to the sound proposed by bands as Deafheaven. Ghost Bath performed an interesting set where harsh Black Metal with tremolo picked guitars and harsh vocals met and merged together with Post-Rock atmospheric elements, generating in the end a fascinating and painful show where the boundaries of the extreme music has been again extended.

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Goatwhore (8/10)
Start 20:15 – End 20:55
Like two years ago at Lido, Goatwhore shares also this time the Berlin stage with Dying Fetus and we couldn´t be anything but glad for this. The American band is active since 1997 and the fans are currently waiting for the follower of its sixth album “Constricting Rage of the Merciless”, which was released two years ago on Metal Blade. Goatwhore impressed all the attendees with its relentless and refined blackened Death Metal, creating a sound that was as accessible as neck snapping, sneaky and serpentine but also surprisingly melodic. Louis Benjamin Falgoust II, also member of the sadly-not-so-active Soilent Green, catalyzed the attention of the audience with his unmerciful, redundant and triumphant performance that seemed to impress and galvanize the fans come to assist the show. The fans didn´t spare themselves and in the end they left the show speechless with destroyed eardrums for Goatwhore´s all-out metal assault!

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The Black Dahlia Murder (8/10)
Start 21:15 – End 22:15
Named for the infamous 1947 slaying of 22-year-old Elizabeth Short, aka the Black Dahlia, the American band, formed in 2001, has reached today a high status of appreciation among many Metal fans. Its albums, like the latest “Abysmal” out last year, reached easily high positions in many music charts worldwide. The Berlin gig confirmed that the live dimension is still the best way to admire the raw power of its Melodic Death Metal: varying from the early Death Metal of the band foundation to the increasingly melodic – sometimes almost symphonic – streak of the latest works, The Black Dahlia Murder shows to the Berlin fans its unique brand made of high speeds, blast beats, razor-wire guitar cutting and growled vocals, that culminates in a fierce and manic aggression. The fans, that accompanied without resting the set with circle pits, moshing and crowd-surfing, seemed to appreciate the sweat dripped by the band on stage, and its good will to evolve the sound beyond the extreme music boundaries, trying to never sound like anyone else.

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Dying Fetus (9/10)
Start 22:35 – End 23:35
Dying Fetus is simply a legend among every Extreme Metal fans. Formed in 1991, in the early days of Death Metal’s glorious heyday, the American band has set during its long career a new limit for the concept of Technical Brutal Death Metal. Today John Gallagher is the remaining original member, but supported by skilled musicians, he managed to release albums quite regularly, with “Reign Supreme” as latest and seventh full-length work of the band, out in 2012. Even this time, like two years ago, Dying Fetus has brought in Berlin its best sound package, where Death Metal and Grindcore melted together resulting in a peculiar American style. With the lowest-sounding growls known to man of John, blast beats, complex riffing, slam riffs and heavy breakdowns, the American trio showed to Berlin what sonic brutality means. The audience couldn’t do anything but be annihilated by this musical onslaught, by this crawling, nervous energy that traps the listeners and refuses to let them go. Best Extreme Metal gig of the year by now.

Venue: Lido
Price: 23,10€ at
Setlist: Dying Fetus / The Black Dahlia Murder

Berlin, 17.08.2016

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