Next week concerts: 12 September – 18 September 2016

Posted: September 10, 2016 by vals81 in Berlin, Weekly Schedule
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Check our Calendar Page for more gigs!


Monday, 12th of September

King Crimson
What: Prog rock, Art rock
Where: Admiralspalast at 8:00 pm
Price: from 44,55€ to 101,05€ at Trinity Music

Fantastic Negrito
What: Modern blues, R&B
Where: Gretchen Club at 8:00 pm
Price: 21,60€ at Koka36


Tuesday, 13th of September

Caudal + Nearest Gas Station
What: Krautrock
Where: Acud Macht Neu at 8:00 pm
Price: Tickets at the door

Dave Harrington Group
What: Electronic, Experimental
Where: Prince Charles at 9:30 pm
Price: 19,00€ at Koka36


Wednesday, 14th of September

Father Murphy + Muscle and Marrow
What: Neo-psychedelia, Dark noise
Where: Acud Macht Neu at 9:30 pm
Price: 6,00€ at the door

Moose Blood + Pup + Luca Brasi
What: Emo rock
Where: Bi Nuu at 8:00 pm
Price: 17,20€ at Koka36


Thursday, 15th of September

Colapesce & Baronciani (with live drawing)
What: Indie pop
Where: Oblomov Kreuzkoelln at 8:00 pm

Price: 8,00€ at Wale Cafe´

Chris Cohen
What: Art rock, Psychedelic rock
Where: Kantine am Berghain at 9:00 pm
Price: 13,20€ at


Friday, 16th of September

Mutilation Rites + Wiegedood
What: Black metal

Where: Cassiopeia at 8:30 pm

Price: 14,80€ at Koka36

Heaven Shall Burn + Sodom + Bombus + others
What: Metalcore, Thrash metal
Where: Kesselhaus at 9:00 pm
Price: 34,79€ at


Saturday, 17th of September

Grim van Doom + Torn to Pieces + Doomed + Blood Diamond + Hällas + Bernd Rinser + Witchfucker + Monolithe + Pighead + Earth Ship + KES + Cult of Occult + Jehacktet + Wight
What: Doom metal, Sludge metal
Where: Zukunft am Ostkreuz at 6:00 pm
Price: 20,00€ (39,00€ 3-days) at Koka36

The Jayhawks + Karl Blau
What: Alternative country, Country rock
Where: Passionkirche at 8:00 pm
Price: 35,60€ at Trinity Tickets


Sunday, 18th of September

Suns of Thyme 
What: Psychedelic rock, Hard rock
Where: Kantine am Berghain at 8:00 pm
Price: 14,40€ at Koka36



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