Cremation (7/10)
Start 20:45 – End 21:15
Cremation is a Swiss band which started in 1992 during the golden age of Death Metal. For the joy of many aficionados, the band is still active and is supporting YOB and Black Cobra during the German dates of this European tour. The band should release this year the follower of its latest album “Rise of the Phoenix”, which was out in 2012. With an intense set Cremation has showed itself as impenetrable to any sign of melody, bombing the early comers with harmful and brutal old-school Death Metal which seemed to be appreciated by the audience, that didn´t spare the neck by head-banging.

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Black Cobra (8/10)
Start 21:30 – End 22:15
Black Cobra is nowadays a well-known American duo, famous for its intransigent sound based on Doom and Sludge Metal. Formed in 2001 by the guitarist Jason Landrian, Black Cobra has come to Berlin with a brand-new album “Imperium Simulacra”, released this year on Season Of Mist records. Once on stage, the American duo confirmed the perfectly “oiled” super-distorted Heavy Metal machine with its savage brand of sharp-toothed riffing. Exactly this guitar work provided by Landrian and the battle drums of Rafa Martinez was able to create live a deafening distortion, which made the absent of a four-string instrument hardly missing. Merging together also power chord counterpoints, weaving harmonies, and creepy melodies, Black Cobra confirmed again to be the most ferocious duo of the current Sludge Metal scene.

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YOB (8/10)
Start 22.40 – End 00:10
The American trio YOB, founded in 1996 by the vocalist/guitarist Mike Scheidt, is co-headlining together with Black Cobra this European tour making the joy of every Doom Metal fan of this part of the globe. Even if its latest full-length work “Clearing the Path to Ascend” was released in 2014 on Neurot Recordings, the band hasn´t lost its appeal and every fan is waiting eagerly for the new album. Defined in the past as “Heavier than the world’s entire elephant population””, YOB squashed the audience with its songs which regularly averaged upward of ten minutes. Making the mixing of Doom, Sludge Metal and Progressive Rock its trademark, YOB developed slowly epic grinds inside a hazy production fog, creating a doomsday charming experience. This interesting combination of long, plodding and numbing pieces with riffage and screams hypnotized the audience that followed moving the head and closing the eyes the powerful mantra of the American trio. An incredible live experience from a band that has almost no rivals in the Doom Metal scene!

Venue: Musik & Frieden
Price: 18,80€ at Koka36
Setlist: YOB

Berlin, 21.09.2016

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