Skeletonwitch (8/10)
Start 20:00 – End 20:45
The American Extreme Metal band Skeletonwitch was indeed the better choice to open the Berlin gig of Kvelertak. Strengthen by the new frontman Adam Clemens, Skeletonwitch released this year with him a new ep “The Apothic Gloom” getting positive responses from fans and music press. Once on stage the American band didn´t waste time: Skeletonwitch reversed on the audience its fierce sound inspired by the immortal flame of classic Bay Area Thrash Metal, the creativity of NWOBHW and the merciless power of Death/Black Metal.
The live show confirmed the quality of the American quintet which impressed the audience with its various sound, able to take pieces of different Metal genres and add them into a supercharged live show. The set ended with a crescendo which made the people shout out loud enthusiastically. Skeletonwitch gained surely new fans yesterday at SO36!

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Kvelertak (8/10)
Start 21:20 – End 22:45
The Norwegian sextet Kvelertak has reached a wide success with only three albums in about 10 years and every time the band plays in Berlin the most various audience comes to enjoy its vigorous live show. The band didn´t spare itself for the whole show and the fans moshed on its sledgehammer sound, which always impresses for the freshness in their mash-up of genres, like it´s possible to find it again on its latest release “Nattesferd”, out just some months ago.
Fusing the raw Punk ‘n’ Roll sound pioneered by bands like Turbonegro with the harsh, shrieking fury of Black Metal, Kvelertak offered a show that was simultaneously caustic, catchy, and mystic, sometimes thanks even to the lyrics all in Norwegian. The band offered an amazing shows enhanced by the always outstanding performance of Erlend Hjelvik on vocals and the sound coming out from the three guitars on stage. Flood of sweat poured down yesterday from both parts and looking at the people leaving the venue you couldn’t see anything but big smile of satisfaction and appreciation for this Extreme band able to gain always more aficionados!

Venue: SO36
Price: 23,70€ at Koka36
Setlist: Kvelertak

Berlin. 16.11.2016

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