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Killer Mike


Zodiac (7/10)
Start 20:30 / End 21:00
They said 20:30 and 20:30 was. Four german guys playing a good mix of Stoner, Hard Rock and Blues. Really a proper opening band to warm up this -5°C cold evening. Zodiac has nice songs that deserve to be listened! Some of them are blues oriented, other just furious ride and other songs play hard with the 70’s like the long last one. Maybe we’ll see Zodiac again here in Berlin as headliner in some years!

Zodiac Zodiac Zodiac Zodiac

Lonely Kamel (8/10)
Start 21:15 / End 22:00
Again four guys but from Norway this time. Don’t ask me how but even if they have seen max +10°C grad in their life, they can ship you in the middle of the desert with only sand and rocks around you, some cactus, sweated clothes and 45°C grad burning your poor brain. The Lonely Kamel´s “fat” Stoner winds you and let you headbang ´till your neck bleeds.  100 time better live than on album but maybe it depends from the genre: Stoner and Lonely Kamel must be experienced  live. The Kamel will not be lonely anymore if they keep going on this way!!!
Lonely Kamel Lonely Kamel Lonely Kamel Lonely Kamel Lonely Kamel Lonely Kamel Lonely Kamel Lonely Kamel Lonely Kamel Lonely Kamel Lonely Kamel Lonely Kamel

The Sword (7/ 10)
Start 22:30 / End 23:45
Other four guys (is the number 4 the mystical one in the Stoner world?) but coming from Texas. If you think the Sword are the one that brings you to the desert, you’re wrong: they ship you directly to the outer space with their space Stoner! The Sword played songs picking them from all albums, preferring the last
one as usual. Their music is really great but I was a bit disappointed at the end: I think there was sort of a problem with the voice, sometimes too weak and distant, sometimes too confused between the other instruments. I hope to have soon the possibility to see the Sword live and to appreciate them completely.
One thing to say: Magnet Club elected fucking Stoner venue in Berlin according to the last months gigs!
The Sword The Sword The Sword The Sword The Sword The Sword The Sword The Sword The Sword The Sword The Sword The Sword
Venue: Magnet Club
Price: 24,90 € at Koka36
Setlist: The Sword

Berlin, 15.01.13

The Secret (8/10)
Start: 19:20 / End: 19:50
Italian fucking evil bomb surrounded by red fog. That’s what happens when Black Metal fucks Post-Hardcore from behind. Next show Palazzo Grazioli in Rome to save the Land. Keep spreading worldwide the beast. Please.





The Storm of Light (6/10)
Start: 20:30 / End 20:50
Here Hardcore slept hard with Doom. Powerful but short gig from the neurosis nephews. Minus points for the Never-ending sound check and for the fix “Blue eyes” scenography. I know from past concerts they can do better than this.



Touché Amoré (7/10)
Start: 21:15  / End 21:50
Nothing new under the Hardcore sun. Too close to The Emo world to really appreciate them but when you see the pizza-face kids screaming, singing, moshing and flying under / from the stage, there’s nothing left to say. Great concert, great energy, good that they avoided clean vocals. Nevertheless I hope they have been all sodomized by The Secret in the backstage…





Converge (9/10)
Start: 22:10 / End 23:10
The Post-Hardcore made person: Kurt-GOD-Ballou. The one who created it, changed it, evolved it and the only one who can kill it. When E=mc2 becomes music. Impossible to stop the head banging or to not mosh. Sometimes you want to scream laud and to give a punch in the teeth to the one next to you. Without reason. Just to set free the energy. The energy rising from the desperation, from the suffering, the energy that can lead you to the catharsis. Gig of the year in the extreme field. Amen.










Price:      20,45 €

Location:  SO36


Berlin, 12.12.12