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Denison Witmer (6/10)
Start 20:15 / End 20:50
An american guy with his acoustic guitar to open the gig at Frannz Club.  Mr Witmer plays intimate songs and creates a domestic atmosphere, a music suitable to be listened near a fireplace, sitting on a sofa and drinking wine. I have to say it’s not my stuff but Denison plays his guitar in a harmonious way that can enchant you. Denison is also a funny guy, he talks to his public, tells stories and makes jokes: something I always appreciate in an artist. So I wish him a lot of success!

Denison Witmer Denison Witmer Denison Witmer Denison Witmer

SEA + AIR (8/10)
Start 21:05 / End 22:20
Lights out, two shadows coming up to the stage, two matches light weakly, a blow and the concert starts while the match smoke smell spreads itself between the first lines. Nice way to start a gig indeed. They are SEA + AIR, a funny couple composed by a german guy and a greek charming girl. A really multi-instrumentalist duo: two wonderful voices playing together all the time and able to exchange all the instrument on the stage too. Both of them played guitar, drums, keyboard and cembalo. SEA + AIR’s songs are really beautiful and they are impregnated from a mediterranean flavour that give a touch of originality to their style. I think the semi-acoustic set helps this flavour to come out and take power compared to the album. SEA + AIR are a really amusing couple besides two great musicians: talking and playing with the audience (90% girls / 10% boys) is part of their show! Terrific the second part of “Do Animals Cry?”, this alone is worth the ticket price! They came out again for the encore after a long and loud public acclamation and they gave as present two new songs of the next album: one with strong mediterranean and psychedelic influence and one as a sweet minimalistic ballad: good clues to wait for another great album! The concert ended and you go back home with a smile on your face: could you ask more for 15€ ?????????
Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air Sea + Air

Venue: Frannz Club
Price: 15,50 € at Koka36
Setlist: SEA + AIR

Berlin, 17.01.13

Occvlta (5/10)
Start: 21:05 / End: 21:45
Nice esoteric atmosphere created by candles on the stage. What is missing is the typical Black Metal evil. They aren’t poser but they need to improve this side. Better the faster songs compared to the mid-tempo ones. Big margin of improvement.



Kadavar (8/10)
Start: 22:10 / End 23:15
Are they original? Not at all. But fuck you they are an incredible time machine to the 70’s! Riffs and attitude stolen from The Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, add some Stoner and the mix is done. You leave the concert with the desire to have that long beard too! A kick in your ass to catapult you 40 years back.




Price:      10,50 €

Location:  Magnet Club


Berlin, 13.12.12