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Berlin / Kesselhaus / Max Gazzè

Posted: March 1, 2013 by Claudia Valentini in Berlin, Indie Pop, Kesselhaus, Rock
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Max Gazzè


Mystical Communication Service (7/10)
Start 22:05 / End 22:45
Instrumental trio playing ethnic jazz flamenco psychedelic blues without drums. A sort of Stinking Lizaveta after a long journey in south Spain. A really interesting trio headed by a long beard guy dressed with an Indian vest. Check Mystical Communication Service’s music here and download it for free, it’s worthwhile I promise!

Mystical Communication Service IMG_5251 IMG_5258 IMG_5259

Black Tar Jesus (5/10)
Start 23:05 / End 23:30
A guy looking like Tarantino playing a sort of intimate garage rock with his electrical guitar. I think he has been penalized by not having his band with him. I would had said 6 but I can’t if I want to be honest with the other bands of the evening. I know Black Tar Jesus would be much better in “normal condition”. Just try to listen something here and you’ll agree with me!

Black Tar Jesus Black Tar Jesus Black Tar Jesus Black Tar Jesus

Mushy (7/10)
Start 23:40 / End 24:20
Fog all around you. Darkness. Shadows from moon light moving near you. Echos from far away. Feet stuck in mud. But you don’t have fear, you close your eyes and indulge yourself in this void. Industrial gothic drone dark wave shoegaze. Call it as you want but that it’s what you feel at Mushy’s live experience. The drum machine accompanies you during this adventure simulating your heartbeat. When the drum machine boosts the bpm, you stand upon the fog and you see the dawn in front of you, you see the sun but it’s still cold, you run towards it. You smile and you think you’re feeling good but it’ cold outside and it’s cold inside you because Mushy’s voice is still there freezing you.

Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy Mushy
Price: Pay at the door with a donation between 1 and 6€
Venue: Madame Claude
Berlin, 11.01.13

Zona Mc(6/10)
Start 23:30 / End 23:40
The people were still hanging around in the club when a tiny man in gym suit started to rap on a metronome basis. Just a more than 5 min free style flow as fast as you can think to warm up your brain before the Uochi Toki’s performance. Even better when he sang one of his songs: faster, cleaner and hypnotic. A nice and proper support for the gig.
Free downloads here
Zona Mc Zona Mc Zona Mc Zona Mc

Uochi Toki (8/10)
Start 23:50 / End 01:20
2 guys in gym suit on the stage left side in front of a desk with laptop and magic boxes. Lights out. A mixture of noise, electronic and dub step starts as basis for the whole exhibition: Napo either draws his mental flow on a device that projects the thoughts on the wall or he takes the mic in hand and rails against everyone, the results is always the same. Violence. There’s nothing and nobody more furious, sharper or more  evil in the scene now. They are Uochi Toki. They could kick easily the black fat ass of many rapper beyond the ocean. Nevermind if you don’t understand a word at all: you can’t remove your eyes from them and at the end you feel like having received thousand slaps in face. Respect and hail to Uochi Toki.
Uochi Toki Uochi Toki Uochi Toki Uochi Toki
Uochi Toki Uochi Toki Uochi Toki Uochi Toki
Uochi Toki Uochi Toki Uochi Toki Uochi Toki
Uochi Toki Uochi Toki Uochi Toki Uochi Toki
Uochi Toki Uochi Toki Uochi Toki Uochi Toki
Uochi Toki Uochi Toki Uochi Toki Uochi Toki
Price: 15,00€
Venue: Gratis Club

The Secret (8/10)
Start: 19:20 / End: 19:50
Italian fucking evil bomb surrounded by red fog. That’s what happens when Black Metal fucks Post-Hardcore from behind. Next show Palazzo Grazioli in Rome to save the Land. Keep spreading worldwide the beast. Please.





The Storm of Light (6/10)
Start: 20:30 / End 20:50
Here Hardcore slept hard with Doom. Powerful but short gig from the neurosis nephews. Minus points for the Never-ending sound check and for the fix “Blue eyes” scenography. I know from past concerts they can do better than this.



Touché Amoré (7/10)
Start: 21:15  / End 21:50
Nothing new under the Hardcore sun. Too close to The Emo world to really appreciate them but when you see the pizza-face kids screaming, singing, moshing and flying under / from the stage, there’s nothing left to say. Great concert, great energy, good that they avoided clean vocals. Nevertheless I hope they have been all sodomized by The Secret in the backstage…





Converge (9/10)
Start: 22:10 / End 23:10
The Post-Hardcore made person: Kurt-GOD-Ballou. The one who created it, changed it, evolved it and the only one who can kill it. When E=mc2 becomes music. Impossible to stop the head banging or to not mosh. Sometimes you want to scream laud and to give a punch in the teeth to the one next to you. Without reason. Just to set free the energy. The energy rising from the desperation, from the suffering, the energy that can lead you to the catharsis. Gig of the year in the extreme field. Amen.










Price:      20,45 €

Location:  SO36


Berlin, 12.12.12